Thank you for allowing me to walk with you through your journey of healing and wellness.

I am a survivor of unhealthy relationships, former feelings of low self-esteem, Life threatening Auto Accident, PTSD and an undying need to please others. I stayed in a marriage for over 30 years that was not healthy or satisfying for me. I had issues of not being close to my mother and feeling that we would never reach a point of a healthy and happy mother and daughter relationship. My relationship with my children was suffering and I was unable to figure how to get it back to where I thought I should be. There were so many feelings and thoughts of inadequacy and just feeling there had to be more to life than what I had.

I was struggling to figure out how to get some level of happiness. I was raised as a believer of Christ and taught to pray. However, I was praying but things just weren’t coming together for me. I was so unhappy and things were spiraling out of control. In an effort to regain and restart, I moved to DC to help my oldest daughter with the birth of her first born. Things just didn’t come together for me as I wanted and then I was involved in a Serious Life threatening automobile accident. A firetruck hit me from the front passenger side. This accident left me alive but completely helpless. I was unable to do much of anything. But I was able to still talk and walk with a foot boot and a neck brace. However, the PTSD began.

I again went back to what I was used to and that was my husband. Despite so many promises of change and that things would get better. They just weren’t getting any better for me. I again began truly praying and seeking answers from my creator. I decided to surrender to his will and guidance. Little did I know everything was on the brink of change. That was all I had to do. I was being stripped away of the old, challenging of my faith while was being strengthened for purpose.

I was led to the ARCs and my Professor. I knew I had to embark on this opportunity for growth and change. I enrolled into the CARC certification program. It was just what I needed. I was challenged and broken from the old and prepared to walk into my journey of true healing, recovery and wellness. Wow, how things can change in such a short time when you step out on faith.

I believe in this program as a vehicle for healing, helping and understanding of self and others. With the feeling of being truly blessed, I am looking forward to serving in this opportunity to help others with their journey to healing, recovery and wellness.