Living in today’s society you have to be brave enough and willing to invest in yourself enough to say it is time for change. Now that’s a basic thing and it sounds really easy and it rolls off real nicely. However it’s not as easy as you may want to thank or say. But there is value, there is importance and there is purpose when you decide and commit to the timing of your change. Everyone’s changes differently. It comes at different times and different seasons however there is a time for change. When it is time for change there’s an uneasy feeling that you have in the midst of the very thing that you’re going through. Makes you feel uncomfortable.  You  feel in the pit of your stomach. It’s their innate feeling that you have. It’s a warning signal, however we have become so socialized into doing the same thing and expecting different results. We have   become conditioned by the microwave generation.  Meaning, we want it now, quick. Life is not built for now, not real life. I mean you could have a life and it’s quick but what is the quality of that life?  It comes down to answering those questions and that has to come from the inside of you and you have to Tune In.


When you decide that there are a number of things that happened. Life comes at you fast and is going to test that very thing that you say you’re ready for. You have to be careful of what you say because you just might get it. But it may not look like what you wanted to look like, however if you turn it on and make that decision and commit to it and work on it, it will happen and it is a beautiful thing. However, we want to get through the process. The process is where all the work is done. That’s where you learn,that’s where you build character, it  is an uncomfortable time, A time of being vulnerable because of the unknown of what comes next.  I think God does not tell us what is next for a couple of reasons. One is if we knew everything we would have to go through to make it we just might decide we dont want to do it anymore. Two, He is Omnipotent and Omnipresent so he is all knowing and everywhere.  That is truly hard to imagine because we are Human and not our creator. Third, He expects us to trust and have faith and that means we are to trust his way and process even when it does not look like what we can see and feel.  When we give up our old way of thinking and embrace a new view, it brings value to that time change and  purpose which  far outweighs all of the other things that distracted  you or kept you from making that change. 


Change is a part of life.  Very few things stay the same.  I mean the leaves change from Fall to summer and winter. There are changes in the season. There are  changes in the month;there changes at work ;  Holiday and Birthday changes.   However somewhere along the line we have become  conditioned to be resistant to change. We should start looking at the value and purpose so that we can embrace change. Because when we embrace it,  we put ourselves in the position of feeling good and it’s a positive feeling and why not feel positive and good.??? Why do we want to be angry? Why do we want to complain? Why do we want to be a part of the problem? It is time to decide to be a part of the solution. 

Deciding and making a commitment to change puts you in the PowerPlay position. It puts you in a winning position because you have made that decision. However it’s not going to be easy. Life is not easy so we have to accept that there will be some challenges as life is challenging.  We have to understand life  as it is and not as we want it to be. We can’t recreate and change what life is all about. There lies a lot of the problem.   That’s why there’s so many struggling with successfully navigating through life, disconnected, in denial, toxicity and so many types of health and mental anxieties.  Unfortunately, too much time is spent on the internet and watching Shows on TV, cable and through Social media.  But not much time is spent on doing what is needed for a healthy mental attitude about mental health activities of suffering and. There comes a time when everybody must change and the sooner you understand and realize that then you will be able to say this is my Exodus. I invite you to Connect with your Higher Power, Engage and Empower yourself by preparing for some great changes in life. Being truly able to have the trust and faith of moving towards your change leaving behind the Old You filled with resistance, mental bondage and baggage, spinning in circles without purpose and Embracing and working on developing your new self.  The one filled with confidence, faith, thankfulness,  gratefulness and guiding by purpose.  Knowing that it will require a different mindset and trusting in the divine wisdom and guidance of your HIgher Power.  Power Up so that you can truly Say This is My Exodus and I am Saying Goodbye to the Old Me and Hello to the New Me. #timeforchange #mindsets