So many people today have experienced Trauma and Abuse of some form or another and the levels of that abuse and trauma varies from direct and severe physical and mental abuse and trauma to indirect abuse and trauma.  Regardless of the level of the trauma/abuse, it leaves the individual with a host of unresolved feelings and thoughts. These unresolved feelings and thoughts lead to them feeling hurt, angry, sadness, guilt, shame, disgust and utter madness.  Moreover, those emotions turn into reactions both expressed and unexpressed.  Additionally, the individual feels debilitated and unable to move past these feelings to find a sense of peace.

We, as humans have instinctual feelings and those are the feelings of Anger, Fear, Disgust, Sadness and Joy.  While emotions are associated with bodily reactions that are activated through neurotransmitters and hormones released by the brain, feelings are the conscious experience of emotional reactions. These feelings are the body’s way of sending signals or indicators to the individual that something is wrong.  These signals and indicators catapults the individual into a posture of reacting to address these warning signals and indicators.  If these feelings are unresolved, they will manifest in emotions that are rooted to the past and continue to develop mental delusion causing the person to be in a trance of reacting instead of being Proactive.  This is the catalyst to reacting by hurting others through heightened anger, madness, disgust, guilt and shame.

The nature of an individual is to choose to fight or flight.  These choices allow for the person to either fight the situation or to move themselves away from the situation.  However, when the individual is not allowed to choose from those options, the individual must adapt or “Get along to Stay along!” This response changes the natural order for the individual.  When the individual is taken out of the natural order, the individual has re-wired the natural order of the brain functioning and this is where the individual becomes susceptible to becoming imprisoned by the past and continue to operate in past time versus staying present.

It is not wonder the climate of the day is based on reactive, self-centered and the push to support an “Eye for an Eye” attitude.  Being in a place of anger and hurt is not an indicator to respond in the same manner.  However, the individual has become emotionally driven and are unable to understand that it is a warning sign for the individual to correct or to change something within.  Unless the individual is driven by present moment awareness and has developed a posture of Gratitude, It becomes easier to just be mad, hurt others and continue in the hurt with no resolve to assist the individual to evolve and navigate through life finding ways to minimize those emotions.

Acceptance of Present is the doorway to transformation.   We were meant to transform and to manifest God’s Will and Purpose for our lives.  Learning to live successfully minimizing the effects of the past is possible but not Easy.  But, life is not easy.  However, anything worth having must be worth working or fighting for.  Life is what you make it and If life throws you Lemons, make Lemonade.  Let, your Trials and Tribulations help you build you and push you into finding the answers to help you grow and reach your potential.

Yours in Your Journey to Personal Healing and Success

Monica Squires, CARC