COVID 19 ,Masks to be Worn In Public, COVID Vaccine, Libraries Closed, Movie Theaters Closed, Major Retail Store Closings, Home Schooling for More Students than attending school, No Large Gatherings for Social Activities, Virtual Birthdays/Weddings/Graduations…… where does it end? What is the New Normal? Life as we knew it has forever changed.  So many changes and very certainties. 

Although, the outlook can look dismal and so drastically different from our previous expectations, there are definitely things to remember and do to provide us with the ability to cope and endure these “Uncertain Times.” In order to develop, maintain and implement something outside the normal or current situation, one must be willing to be honest with your current outlook, approach or mental state.  That can be easy for some but may be a bit more challenging for others.  However, there is opportunity to change and transform from current to where you want to be or attain. 

Begin with the end in mind!! What is the goal?  Coping, Surviving or Thriving? Coping means to invest one’s own conscious effort, to solve personal and interpersonal problems, in order to try to master, minimize or tolerate stress and conflict. Surviving means to living or existing, especially in spite of danger or hardship.  While, thriving means to flourish, advance, succeed and prosper. Now, the question is What is your end to all this? 

Although there are some questions you must ask yourself in order to decide how hyou want to proceed and handle the Uncertain.  However, one of the things you can do to assist you in this journey and that is to develop “An Attitude of Gratitude!” In spite of all that we may have going on.  I am absolutely sure that we all have at least 3 or more things that we can be thankful for.  So, reminding ourselves of those things and having that as the focus rather than what we don’t have.  

Time is something that we have a little more of, so why not do some things you have been promising yourself you wanted to do but never had the time.  Learn a new language, skill, pray, read a book, write, etc.  The list can go on.  The fact is that we spend so much time chasing things that really are not going to help us to cope, survive or even thrive.  We waste time and spend too much of it complaining instead of doing. 

One last nugget!! Physical and Mental Exercise!!! Our Bodies and Minds are intricate, amazing and powerful beyond measure. There is a saying that the mind is a terrible thing to waste. And, it is without question that our bodies were meant to be used for physical challenges.  It is an excellent time to begin a routine to include both mental and physical exercise.  You will find that you will feel better, be more alert and productive.  Moreover, you will develop and be on your way to maintaining the skills to cope, survive and thrive during anytime but more specifically during the most Uncertain of Times.   


Your Life Coach and Speaker 

Monica Squires 

Changing Mindsets LLC