National Speaker.

Monica Squires will share some of the steps that she had to take and obstacles she overcame in order to get from where she was to creating the life that she wanted to live right now.

Through her presentation, she will introduce you to the concept of Spiritual Genetics that which makes you, You that has nothing to do with Anatomy, Biology, Chemistry or Physics. That Part of you that can not be measured analyzed or quantified- That of you that has nothing to do with Blood type DNA or pigmentation. That part of you that is beyond the scope, reach or understanding of science, medicine or technology.

She will also explain the concept of the Universal Dream, an idea that she learned from her mother, who said to him, “ Son, you can do or be anything you want to do or be.” Those words would be the driving force that would take him from being homeless with a baby to having her own successful stock brokerage firm. The Universal Dream also refers to the fact that where you are in your spirit is more important than where you are on the PLANET! The most important experiences in our lives feel the same whether you live in the USA or the UAE! Such as, the birth of a child, a graduation, a wedding a new job or the loss of a loved one. Those are all Universal Experiences that create a family called humanity.

Monica will also identify the importance of the “P’s” in our life. Keeping a Promise. She will share her promise, a promise she made to himself as a 5 year old girl; that when she grew up, become a woman and have children, her children would know who their mother would be. And second, that she was going to become world class at what ever she did in her life. Passion.What is that thing that turns you on so much that the sun can’t come up soon enough in the morning because you want to go do your thing? And finally having a Plan. He will explain how the plan has to have, what she calls, the C-5 Complex (Clear, Concise, Compelling, Consistent and Committed to the plan).

He will also talk about Empowerment, the idea of “I drove here” which means if “I drove here” then “I can drive out of here”. You can’t change something until you own it.

The only thing she wants you to leave with is to know that if Monica Squires can do it, so can you.